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Ranthambore Ganesh Temple

The Ganesh Temple inside the Ranthambore fort is known as the Trinetra Ganesh Temple. It is one of the oldest temples in the country and is built with red stone. The type of stone used is known as Karauli. Both the fort and the temple are very famous tourist attractions. In this temple, Lord Ganesha is not alone. He is there along with other members of his family.

Hindus consider Ganesh as the God of fortune, wisdom and wealth. He is also viewed as a remover of obstacles. This is why the temple receives numerous letters and invitations throughout the year. Most of them are wish fulfilment letters and marriage invitations. Devotees send all these with the belief that lord Ganesh will fulfil all of their wishes.

The temple doesn’t just attract Indian tourists. People from all over the world come here. They even make little images of houses near the premises of the temple. This is also an attractive feature at the place. People do this because they hope Lord Ganesh will fulfil their wish of building a house or buying one.

The daily schedule:

Ganesh is worshipped five times daily at the temple. The different worships consist of different types of aartis. The first worshipping ceremony starts in the morning. The aarti done during this time is known as Prabhat Aarti. The next aarti is the Sringar Aarti which is done at 9 am. The prasad or bhog is served at noon. The evening aarti or Sandhya Aarti is performed at 6pm during summers and at 5:45 pm during winters. The next aarti is known as Shayan Aarti which is done at 8 pm. This is followed by a prayer by the priests and the devotees of Lord Ganesh. The aartis are a sight to see and attract lots of crowds.

Other attractions:-


The Ranthambore fort

The Ranthambore Fort is a historic and majestic creation. Located near Sawai Madhopur, it is one of the heritage structures of the country. The Fort and its surrounding areas were built by Chauhan family of Rajasthan.

Padam Talab

It is a great place to unwind after visiting the Ganesh Temple. It is a quiet lake surrounded by beauty of nature. There are beautiful water lilies and lotuses in the lake as the name suggests. You can also see wildlife like deer drinking water at the lake. You can also spot crocodiles. The lake is open 24/7.


Ranthambore National Park

The park was built in the 1980-s and is a must visit. It is especially great for wildlife lovers. It is one of the most maintained wildlife reserve in the country. It is home to Royal Bengal Tigers, marsh crocodiles, leopards and plenty of other animals.

How to get there:-

Via Air:

You need to take a flight to Sanganer airport at Jaipur. It is at a distance of 180 kilometers. You can hire private taxis or cars. Bus service is also available from the airport to the temple.

Via Road:

You can hire a private taxi or car to get to the temple. The temple is also connected to a network of government buses. The bus routes originate from cities like Ajmer, Jodhpur, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Jaipur.

Via Train:

The nearest railway station is Sawai Madhopur. It is only 10 kilometres away from the temple. It is a very busy train station because of the constant flow of tourists.


When to go?

The best time to visit the place is during the months of November and February. The climate is cold and that is why crowds are much less. You can pray in peace without getting hustled and jostled. If you want to see the aarti prayers, then you need to go on a weekday. Special prayer sessions are reserved for Wednesday every week.


Things to remember:


Ranthambore Fort, Rajasthan

Ticket price

Rupees 15 for Adults and Rupees 10 for children

Tips for travel:

  • For a special experience, visit the temple during Ganesh Chaturthi.
  • The busiest days are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Choose a package depending on your preference for easy booking
  • Weather conditions in Rajasthan are extreme
  • Please carry caps, sunglasses and drinking water
  • Keep your belongings safe from langurs

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