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Ranthambore Local Sightseeing

Ranthambore is not just about Ranthambore fort and Ranthambore park. There are many other local sights which you can enjoy in and around the area. These include modern attractions as well as heritage ones. Let us take a look at some of the local attractions.

Surwal Lake

Surwal Lake is a beautiful lake set against a picturesque backdrop. Here you will find complete peace after the thrill seeking experience of a safari. The lake is perfect for bird watching and for taking memorable photographs. You can observe many flocks of birds swooping down to the water to catch fish.

Be sure to visit the lake during sunrise or sunset. The view is splendid during this time. The lake does dry out in summer, so make sure that you visit it during winter or monsoon season.

Malik Talao

Maik Talao is one of the three lakes inside the Ranthambore National Park. It is smaller than the other lakes but is considered as a must visit during a trip to Ranthambore. Located amidst the green forest, the lake is a haven for marsh crocodiles as well as for migratory birds.

The lake remains open at two different times during the day. It's open either during the morning or in the evening. You will get to see not just birds but wild animals coming to the lake for a drink. The soothing surroundings will surely amaze your eyes as beautiful nature is everywhere around the lake.

Padam Talao

Padam Talao is the largest water body inside the Ranthambore National Park. Another famous attraction, Jogi Mahal is also located here. The lake gets its name from the Lily flowers which bloom in the water. The lake is surrounded by thick forests.

As with the other two water bodies, plenty of birds come to Padam Talao as well. The sight of so many birds will surely soothe your eyes. If you visit the lake during the evening or early morning, you can see wild animals coming to drink water from it. The beauty of the whole park is enhanced by the sight of Padam Talao covered in lilies at all times. If you are lucky, you might get to see Chinkaras at the edge of the lake.

Kachida Valley

This is one of the best places to visit in Ranthambore. It is a serene valley which consists of many low hills and outcrops. The outcrops are rocky in nature. The valley is located on the outskirts of the park and is surrounded by lush forests. You can reach the valley by booking a jeep.

Panther is found in the Kachida Valley as they avoid going deep inside the forests. This is because if they meet tigers they might end up getting eaten. You can also see many bears in the valley. Apart from these, the valley has lots of flora and fauna due to its amiable climate. The lakes are located nearby and that adds to the beauty of the place.

Jogi Mahal

Jogi Mahal is an iconic location at the park and is located next to the Padam Talao. The Mahal acted as a hunting place for the royals of Jaipur and for other dignitaries. It was revamped later into a guesthouse for tourists to stay at. But now it simply stands there, basking proudly in its beautiful architecture.

The view of Padam Talao and the green forests beyond the Mahal is truly eye catching. Another attraction is the banyan tree, which is one of the largest trees in the country.

Dastkar Ranthambore

This is a slightly off-beat destination. It is not a heritage site but it is all about shopping. This is where local people come to buy handmade cloth bags! It is completely run by a women’s self-help group. They are focused on reducing the usage of plastic bags and increasing usage of cloth bags. They also aim at reducing plastic litter which ends up as a huge burden on the environment. The bags are available at reasonable rates for all.

Different types of bags are available in different types of colours. These bags attract the ladies visiting the Ranthambore National Park. The bags are completely user-friendly and are easy to use. The designs on the bags include birds, wild animals and other creatures of the forest.

Raj Bagh Ruin

The Raj Bagh ruins are located between Raj Bagh Talao and Padam Talao. It adds an unique appeal to the park with its royal feel. The ruins include palace outhouses, domes, arches, steps and charming interiors. This is one of the most frequently visited attractions in Ranthambore.

Wild Dragon Adventure Park

If you are travelling with kids, then you must visit this park for some fun and adventure. It offers numerous activities which include All-Terrain Vehicle rides and Zorbing. There is also a Horror House which offers a spooky adventure.

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